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Jessica Hartung

Jessica Hartung is a partner, coach, and guide for those leveling-up their personal professional leadership, their teams, and their communities to a better future.

Jessica has a passion for inspiring and preparing people to grow from their work to improve their lives. In 1998, she founded Integrated Work, a consulting firm that brings top-notch professional development to mission-driven leaders, while being a learning laboratory for innovative work practices.

Jessica provides self-directed professional development tools to leaders at all levels striving to create positive impact.

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One-on-One Coaching

Align your work with your values. Get one-on-one coaching from Jessica to make sure you’re realizing your career goals while also pursuing your passion through conscious, holistic development.

Transform Your Life At Work

Grow the skills you need to own your role. This is a 6-week open-enrollment online video course designed as a companion to the book, The Conscious Professional

Upgrade Your Vision

What else are you capable of? Get two, private 90-minute video conference sessions with Jessica to help you realize your potential beyond your current role.

Find Your Tribe

Join a career transition mastermind group to support your growth. This is a close-knit, facilitated, small group for socially conscious professionals led by nationally-known Executive Coach, Jessica Hartung.

The Conscious Professional: Transform Your Life at Work

Leaders today and in the future will be focused on how to be—how to develop quality, character, mindset, values, and courage. The Conscious Professional provides a practical path to building one’s own leadership capabilities.

—Frances Hesselbein President and CEO of the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute former CEO, Girl Scouts of the USA Presidential Medal of Freedom Awardee

Keynotes & Workshops

These 5 trainings strengthen your strategy and take a deep dive into the issues that matter most. After an engaging session, your team will emerge with clarity, fresh ideas, and stronger peer-to-peer connections that encourage positive change.

Real-Time Leadership Development: Your Daily Strategic Workout
Explore the compelling reasons, benefits and everyday tactical practices for leaders at every level to grow new capabilities using daily work experiences as a catalyst.
Avoiding Mission-Driven Burnout
“Mission-driven” burnout occurs when a leader’s admirable personal commitment to make a difference leads to over-working, chronic stress, overwhelm, exasperation with others and intense frustration with the inadequate resources to match the individual’s vision. With increasing demands from all sides, leaders need to be aware of the pitfalls that can lead to burnout—for themselves and their staff.
Practical Coaching Skills for Managers
Improve employee performance, deal with difficult situations, and make your work-life easier by learning how to coach while you manage. Coaching is valuable in the workplace because it lays the foundation for work conversations based on mutual respect, collaboration, and accountability between manager and employee.
Communicating Under Pressure: Refresh Your Approach
Think of a time when you had to communicate effectively in a high-pressure situation. What was your reaction? What was the outcome? Most of us react to high-pressure situations based on our preferred communication style. The intensity of the interactions can exacerbate common communication snags and foibles.
Running Great Meetings
You have a choice: Meetings can be the key to clarifying responsibilities, generating solutions and unifying your team, or a waste of time. Learn how to prepare for a productive, energizing meeting and upgrade your facilitation skills to maximize focus, participation and results.

What My Clients Are Saying

“Thank you so much for the great meeting last week. It really helped me get myself in focus going forward.

The information learned will be beneficial to managing my team members and the SBU leadership, which I attribute to Jessica and her material. I would recommend others participate in the learning process. Jessica is an excellent mentor.”

Conscious Professional Blog

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Conscious Leadership at Home

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What My Clients Are Saying

Littleton, CO

“I’d like to say thanks so much for helping us to plan and host such effective and meaningful meetings last week. Honestly it was the best set of meetings we have ever had, and it is because of us working with you. We listened to and worked back and forth with your ideas and guidance. We are becoming a better (smarter, wiser) company, team, and individuals with you all at our side.”

Topeka, KS

“This was the best and most useful meeting I’ve ever been to in my career. And I’m old, so that means a lot!”

Boulder, CO

“I want to thank you for letting me pursue and complete a management coaching process with Jessica Hartung during 2008. The information learned will be beneficial to managing my team members and the SBU leadership, which I attribute to Jessica and her material. I would recommend others participate in the learning process and Jessica is an excellent mentor.”

Sioux Falls, SD

“Having the chance to be in the same room with other colleagues to discuss challenges and issues we are all currently facing generates and inspires creative ideas. The work relationships I’ve developed through this team have been invaluable and I continue to reach out to these friends and colleagues for advice and support.”

Rockville, MD

“The professional support and consultation was critical to surviving and strategically moving through several challenging situations in the context of a larger vision for the organization.”

Omaha, NE

“Thank you so much for the great meeting last week. It really helped me get myself in focus going forward. All the information and facilitation was just terrific.”

Columbia, SC

“This has been one of the most dynamic, engaging, and productive sessions in which I’ve participated.”

San Diego, CA

“Jessica is amazing, and I think we should have her facilitate on a regular basis. We have a lot more to learn. We have so much potential to do more and we are now starting to get empowered through our willingness to learn new collaborative skills.”

Phoenix, AZ

“As my mentor, you are the first person I wanted to share that we will be recognized as the largest primary care delivery system in our state, while respecting the uniqueness of each member. Once again, you are a fantastic facilitator and I appreciate your level of professionalism and insight. As always, thanks for your help!”

Minneapolis, MN

“As a healthcare executive navigating a rapidly changing environment, I have worked with Jessica as a coach to strengthen my presence and impact as a leader. She has been instrumental in helping me build on my strengths, work effectively with diverse constituencies, and cultivate the kind of resilience leaders need in today’s world. Thanks to her wisdom, insights, and practical tools, I am a much more confident and effective leader!”

Boulder, CO

“I think of our sessions often and the power of the insight and inspiration that you provided and set me on a perpetual growth path. With that new enlightenment, I now had new tools to shape who I truly wanted to be.”

Denver, CO

“Your program was beyond excellent. In my opinion here is what sets you apart from other strategic facilitators: You listen to your audience and structure your content and delivery accordingly. Attendees get their questions answered. But seeing these are only symptoms you drill down to the heart of the question to real root issues and provide implementable solutions where they are truly needed. That is a skill that goes beyond facilitation or delivering a content rich program. Bottom line: You hear. You listen. You understand. And, you provide solutions. Thanks for a truly, truly outstanding program.”

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