Littleton, CO

“I’d like to say thanks so much for helping us to plan and host such effective and meaningful meetings last week. Honestly it was the best set of meetings we have ever had, and it is because of us working with you. We listened to and worked back and forth with...

Topeka, KS

“This was the best and most useful meeting I’ve ever been to in my career. And I’m old, so that means a lot!”

Boulder, CO

“I want to thank you for letting me pursue and complete a management coaching process with Jessica Hartung during 2008. The information learned will be beneficial to managing my team members and the SBU leadership, which I attribute to Jessica and her material....

Sioux Falls, SD

“Having the chance to be in the same room with other colleagues to discuss challenges and issues we are all currently facing generates and inspires creative ideas. The work relationships I’ve developed through this team have been invaluable and I continue...

Rockville, MD

“The professional support and consultation was critical to surviving and strategically moving through several challenging situations in the context of a larger vision for the organization.”

Omaha, NE

“Thank you so much for the great meeting last week. It really helped me get myself in focus going forward. All the information and facilitation was just terrific.”